Article Submissions


Guidelines for contribution:

  1. Please write with professionalism, acknowledging rules of grammar and punctuation.
  2. When applicable, please cite your sources properly. Sources will be verified before publication.
  3. While E-editorials welcomes diversity of opinion, we will not accept or publish an article whose sole purpose is to offend or provoke.
  4. By submitting an article, you give us the freedom to edit as needed to correct errors in writing. This will commonly include spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or punctuation. We will NOT edit your opinion, general ideas, or biases. In the event that there is an issue with the content of the article, the author will be contacted for further clarification.
  5. We are not here to bash other news outlets – Please refrain from doing so without cause.

The Submission Process

  1. Upon receiving your article, we will review it for proper grammar and spelling and make edits where they are needed. It will then be published in a few days. While it is our policy to get your articles up as soon as possible, it is also our mission to ensure that it looks its best and does not reflect poorly on the author or E-Editorials.
  2. E-Editorials reserves the right to reject any articles deemed unfit by the governing body of E-Editorials.



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