About Us

Why we founded E-Editorial:

Within the news outlet world, we are constantly bombarded with biases. On certain news outlets, everything seems to be written with a Democratic bias, while other outlets tend to write solely from a Republican viewpoint, and everything in between. While this has its benefits and downfalls, E-Editorials strives to be different in that we have authors and contributors from all walks of life, political affiliations, economic classes, and previous experiences. By collaborating with this level of diversity in opinion and viewpoint, we are able to allow each individual to read different sides of every story and make their own unique opinion of it.


Which political party are we affiliated with?

E-Editorials is strictly bipartisan in political affiliation. We combine source-verified articles from all political viewpoints as long as they are not blatantly slanderous of one another as the purpose of E-Editorials is to provide information and opinions, rather than discredit the competing side.


What we stand for:

We stand for honesty and integrity in the journalism world. We allow anyone to share their opinion in order for everyone to be able to make up their mind about any given topic, without continually seeing through the eyes of one particular bias. E-Editorials stands for creating a more well-rounded information base to create a well-informed public.



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