The Movement Election: The Trump Deception

Thanks to Jay (@kenpachi_republican on Instagram) for his article on the peculiar rise and popularity on Donald Trump!


The polls are all the evidence we need. The fix is in. He’s the only one who can fix the mess our country is in. Finally, we have someone who will change things. Blah, blah, and blah. We have all these nonsense ascriptions to the leading candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. No matter where you go, you can hear these fallacies trumped about (pun intended). The fans of Trump breathe this nonsense in, and exhale his poisonous seeds into the party. Even my father, the one who taught me conservatism in the face of being black, has surrendered sadly, and said that Trump has grabbed the reigns of the movement and will be president. I say hogwash, balderdash! It doesn’t have to be that way.
The Trump followers try to pass him off as a conservative, but the real ones know the truth. Even they have been deceived by his soothing words, as is apparent in Sarah Palin’s endorsement of him. But when it comes down to it, they can see through his farce. Trump is an opportunist, no more, no less. He’s not a conservative, and his speech in Iowa, supporting ethanol, is drastic proof of that. Ethanol is harming the economy, yet the government, with support from moderate Republicans, continually subsidizes it, and Trump is happy to use this to pander to Iowans, who are recipients of the subsidies. He even wants to expand ethanol subsidies. Subsidizing anything is not conservative at all. So, strike number one for him.
Trump followers like to say that Ted Cruz is not a US citizen, fueled by the lies spewing forth from Trump himself. But this is false information. Cruz is a citizen through the same caveat in the 14th Amendment that makes John McCain a US citizen, who was born in Panama. All of the establishment, moderate Republicans were proud to support him in 2008. No drastic birther movement against him was mounted. Trump has billions of dollars and lots of lawyers. If he thinks that a lawsuit against Cruz will go anywhere, he could sue. But he won’t, because he wants to hold it over Cruz’s head, similar to the tactics of a liberal. Similar suits have been levied against Obama, and they were all thrown out for the same reason: there wasn’t enough evidence to support the suit. Why do they question Cruz? Because he is a proven conservative, time and time again. He is a danger to big government, just like Rand Paul is. Strike two.
Trump has attacked Cruz for taking out a loan with Goldman-Sachs. Really? So taking a loan out is bad now? His attack is that Cruz opposes big bailouts, but takes out a loan from a big bank. So? Cruz doesn’t oppose large banks; he opposes crony-capitalism, which Trump has repeatedly supported, for example, TARP and the Obama stimulus. So Cruz took out a loan to save his campaign against an establishment candidate. Not all of us are billionaires who get small loans of a million dollars from our parents, Mr. Trump. He took out a loan, payed it back, and now he’s a criminal. Strike three; you’re out, Mr. Trump.
Trump has supported every liberal ideology, from abortion to single payer healthcare (as recent as 2015!) to big bailouts to confiscation of private property via eminent domain. He has supported the Clintons, Obama, Bill De Blasio, Terry McAuliffe, Andrew Cuomo, and everyone’s favorite moderate, Mitch McConnell. He is two-faced, saying he is an outsider candidate, and then attacking Cruz because he can’t get along with the establishment. Pick one or the other Donald, you can’t have both. He is a nightmare, waiting to happen.
Donald Trumps says that he is bigger than Reagan, but we see through his farce. Reagan reignited conservatism in this country. He did not divide, but united a broken party and country. He did not speak of doom and gloom, but of a promising and bright future. He did not sling mud like Trump, and he didn’t need dirty tricks to be better. When George H. W. Bush attacked then Governor Reagan, calling his economic ideas “voodoo economics”, he didn’t attack back; he just kept speaking of conservatism and a bright future for America. President Reagan was a gentleman. No, Mr. Trump. You’re no Ronald Reagan, nor are you bigger.
I know that we are tired of Obama and the nonsense that has gone on in Washington. But that is no reason to give in to the base fears that Trump wants you to. A politician is a politician. Washington will never change, as long as we keep investing our hopes and dreams in some savior we pray will come along. The power is in the people. The people must be the change. It is not one man, but one idea, and one people that will be the change.
2016 will be a movement election; it is set up that way. 1968 was a movement election, because the people were ready to move away from Johnson and the Vietnam War, so they chose Nixon. 1976 was a movement away from Ford to Carter. 1980 was a movement away from Carter to Reagan. 2008 was a movement away from Bush to Obama. And 2016 will be the same type of election. But we don’t need to elect more of the same nonsense we want to avoid. We have a great conservative in Senator Ted Cruz Cruz. This election is the biggest of my lifetime. And if we miss this opportunity, we will be missing the truest chance to save our country. Do not let base fears get the better of you. Choose right. Dump Trump.


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