Finding a True Conservative in Today’s World

Thank you to Ryan Chacho for expressing his views on true conservatism in the United States today. Read on and comment below with your thoughts!


It seems that in today’s political world, it is hard to find true conservatives. In politics, in the media or anywhere, really. There are a lot of people who claim to be conservative but their record proves them wrong.

The media is just one place where it is difficult to find a true conservative. The problem starts with the liberal media. They try to attack anyone who is “politically incorrect” and anyone that they disagree with. There are very few people who call them out for it. There are a lot of people in the media (radio hosts, television hosts, etc.), who claim to be conservative but really aren’t. Our founding fathers created the first amendment so that the media could and would call out the government for their wrongdoings. But now the media is a tool for the government. The people in the media who claim to be conservative but don’t call out Washington (both parties) or the liberal media aren’t real conservatives! A few conservative personalities are Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, just to name a few. They call out people from the left and right in the government and in the media for their crap.

The place where there is probably the fewest number of conservatives is in the government. There will always be people who will run as Republicans, and say that they will shrink government, and reduce spending if you elect them. But then they just join the Washington Cartel! Marco Rubio is an example of this. He ran for senate as an extreme Tea Party Conservative, saying that he was going to rein in spending, and shrink government. However, he hasn’t done so. He has, sadly, turned into another Washington establishment RINO like John McCain or Lindsey Graham. Rubio claims to be strong on defense, and attempts to come across as a big hawk, but he voted for the Gang of 8 bill, easing illegal immigration and is weak not only that issue, but spending as well. He claims to be conservative, but wants an unlimited military budget and wants to expand social programs. Some examples of some real conservatives in the government today are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Both have proven their record as conservatives, both have stood on the Senate floor for hours and hours at time, filibustering issues from Obamacare to NSA Spying to drone strikes on American soil. Both have fought for what they believe in.

To fix the problem, we must be vigilant, both with our media and with our government. We can’t go blindly listening to anyone in those areas. We must look at their records, and investigate the facts for ourselves.

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