Why I am NOT a feminist!


Thank you to Lydia from @republicans.slay for sharing her (rather uncommon) views on feminist and why she, as a young female in the U.S, chooses not to identify with this movement.


In today’s culture, it is rather rare to find a woman who does not consider herself a feminist. Even more difficult is finding a woman aged 18­-30 who is not a feminist. Throughout this article, I will be sharing some of my reasons for not calling myself a feminist. Nearly 100 years ago in the summer of 1920, American women fought for and won the right to vote. Many feminist women gave up much for that right, and as a 15 year old girl, I cannot express how grateful I am for their sacrifice. Today, women in America have the right to vote, have careers, drive cars, own their own businesses, and do virtually everything a man can do. So, why do we still need feminism? There is not a single right today that men have that women do not.

Now, moving to a more sensitive topic: Rape. “One in every four women will be raped.” Have you ever heard this statistic? It has been used by the media and feminists for years – so much so, that people almost never question it. But, this “one in four” statistic is false. Christina Hoff-Sommers from the American Enterprise Institute decided to do more research into the “one in four” claim and what she discovered is very interesting. The survey this claim was taken from was developed in 1983 and was administered to 3,000 college­aged females. Hoff­Sommers found that the original statistic stated that 27% of these women had been “raped”. Investigating further she found that 2% of these women admitted to getting drunk, agreeing to sex, and regretting it later on. Next she found that four in ten so­called rape victims, had consensual sex with their ‘rapist’ again after the alleged rape. Hoff­Sommers also uncovered the fact that many of the women interviewed did not even describe the act they experienced as rape. The term “rape” was assigned by the individuals administering the survey without the women’s knowledge or consent. After Hoff­Sommers took all of the inaccurate claims of rape out of the survey, she found the more accurate statistic that 1.2 in 10 women are raped, not 1 in 4. I thought that this was important to shed some light on because the makers of that survey even counted unwanted kisses as rape. In my opinion, a kiss should not be compared to a brutal rape.


Next, the gender wage gap. Many feminists claim that women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same work. This statistic has also been proven a myth. This statistic gives the impression that a man and woman in the same office, doing the same work, working the same hours are making different amounts. This is false and misleading, at best. The term “full time” generally means a work week that is 35 or more hours per week. The average man works 40 hours weekly and the average woman works 35 hours a week. Looking at annual salaries, this would look like women involuntary earn less than men. But women generally choose to work 5 less hours per week than men. The big difference in how men and women get paid, however, is in choice of occupation. Women simply tend to pick lower paying jobs.


Now, the topic of abortion. I am pro­life. Most feminists are pro­choice. One of the main reasons I do not wish to be called a feminist is because I would not prefer to be wrapped in with those who support abortion. I am aware that there are many women across the world who truly need feminism. I just wish that today’s feminists focused more on important issues rather than disproven myths like the gender wage gaps and other unnecessary movements. I am also aware that there are many feminists who are reasonable and care about women in other countries in need of feminism and to them I am grateful.


Thank you for taking the time to ready article. I hope you enjoyed it and learned some things from it!





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  1. Lydia – I agree with the majority of your points, but I believe that one distinction should be made. It seems that in actuality, you are a feminist (most individuals in the U.S are), but you don’t agree with today’s interpretation of the term. Modern feminism tends to be associated with access to abortion, being handed an employment position rather than working for it in the name of “equality”, and the ability to cry sexual harassment any time a man looks at a woman funny. In reality, a feminist is anyone who supports feminism which, by definition, is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” (dictionary.com) The truth is that in most civilized societies today we DO see feminism in action due to the fact that most people are feminists by default. We have the ability to vote and hold the same political positions, our social roles are very similar, and we have the same opportunities in the work place that any man does. The fact that we have these opportunities and have maintained them show proof of the fact that we live in a feminist society – Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You did say that you were grateful that previous feminists have worked towards those rights, but the fact that you are exercising those rights is evidence of the fact that you are feminist. Where “feminism” has gone wrong is when that label is attached to a modern movement that suggests that simply because certain opportunities are available we as women are somehow entitled to the things that may be earned.

    I agree with feminism as a matter of having equal rights and opportunities – voting, holding jobs outside the home, etc. Like you, I do not agree with the so-called feminism that suggests that we are entitled to high wages without working for them, elite political positions without earning them, and the ability to kill a baby – regardless of whether it’s existence is due to lack of responsibility or the occurrence of a malicious attack. As a female, I am very appreciative of the existence of feminism but also despise what is currently being done under the name of “equality”.


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