Is the U.S Government above the law?

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The government has hundreds of people working for them to pass laws for you to follow, but does the government itself follow these laws? Does the government even follow the only laws that they have established for themselves, called The Constitution?

Let’s look at a very simple law of theft. Anybody who has actually looked at and thought about taxation knows that it’s theft so the question is; why does the law of theft not apply to government? Is it because without theft they would cease to exist? The government is no different than a group of robbers that rob people of the fruits of their labor and claim they will use it for their victims’ best interest. In reality, we know that the government does not care about building roads or defending the U.S citizens from criminals when they are the real criminals. All they care about is what benefits them most, even if that means sending people off to die in a desert as part of a war we have no place in they will do it. Government can use eminent domain and the IRS to take your land from you right in front of your eyes. If that’s not theft I don’t know what is.

Other laws that they break often is murder, kidnapping and the use of force. If you break any of the laws they have established – such as the prohibition of drugs – they claim the right to kidnap you, which is essentially breaking one of the laws they originally established. However, if you were to commit this act you would be punished. Next, if you resist this kidnapping they claim the right to murder you for your defensive actions again breaking a law they established. Of course, if you do not resist they will lock you in a cage for a number of days, months, years or until you can pay them money for your disobedience of a law that you had no say in.

War is the biggest act of murder a government carries out. According to Murray Rothbard war is no different than mass murder where two governments who have a problem with each other send their own citizens onto a battlefield to kill one another. Both rulers are perfectly fine and their power untouched as their people die because of their ignorance when it comes to how to solve problems.

Government has failed to follow the laws they established for us and they have also failed to follow the laws they established for themselves. They walk all over The Constitution every day paying it no mind! The problem with trying to limit government is that it always wants to grow and control people’s lives. The Constitution was established to limit government, but it’s really just a piece of paper that has no authority. The government has never paid any attention to The Constitution. The people who signed it are long gone and the contract is no longer in effect – If, in fact, it ever was in effect.

“The Constitution has either led to such a government we have today or has been powerless to stop it.” (Lysander Spooner) I think Spooner makes a good statement here. Do we need a piece of paper for our rights? Is that freedom?

Freedom is the power to act, speak and think the way one wants without hindrance or restraint. Violence is a direct violation of someone’s freedom (unless used in defense). Theft or any other violation of anyone’s property rights is a violation. It doesn’t matter if this violence is committed by a government, an individual or a group of individuals and it would not be allowed in a free market. The free market is not a utopia, although we know people will violate others property rights which is why instead of creating a government to commit this crime even more often we offer private defense agencies and courts so you can choose the ones you want and engage in voluntary exchange.

So do we learn from our mistakes and look for voluntary solutions to the government letting people control their own lives and letting markets flow? Or do we stay with this blind allegiance to the state; following their every order and never questioning them; asking “how in the world would things function without the state to dictate my life and provide things like roads and defense?” The truth is that all these things can be provided much better and without the threat of force on the free market.

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