Funding Planned Parenthood


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[On August 3rd] the Senate voted against cutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood. The vote was 53-46, with only two Democrats supporting the bill. The bill needed 60 votes to pass, and as you can see Pro Life efforts almost succeeded in stopping Planned Parenthood funding.

This is a huge, erroneous mistake on the part of our senators- Pro Life and Pro Choice alike. I can hardly express how deeply discouraged and disgusted I am at this decision. Why do we continue to fund such a horrific organization? Especially in light of the recent scandal where Planned Parenthood officials admitted to what’s really been happening “behind closed doors” at Planned Parenthood.

Its scandalous actions aside, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood is still a big mistake. For a moment, let’s all ignore the selling of body parts, the sex trafficking scandals, the botched abortions, and God knows what else.

Let’s just focus on simple, common sense reasons as to why we should end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and why nobody should want to continue to hand out our tax dollars to them.

Reason One – Women don’t need Planned Parenthood. There are currently 9,059 Community Health Centers in the U.S. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood currently only has 669 clinics. These centers provide the services Planned Parenthood provides- without the abortions. They do cancer screenings, STD tests, mammograms (something Planned Parenthood only claims to do), and much more1. Community Health Centers are only one solution that can substitute Planned Parenthood to provide compassionate, low cost care for women. There’s no reason to prefer Planned Parenthood to these superior centers.

Reason Two – The majority of the country is Pro Life. According to a recent CNN poll, 58% of the United States identifies as Pro Life2. Why should 58% of the population be forced to fund an organization that performs acts they deeply despise with their entire being? It is immoral. For arguments sake, sure, do what you want with your body- just don’t force others to pay for it. And even if this money doesn’t directly fund abortions, the money still contributes to Planned Parenthood’s bottom line, which frees up funds that would’ve been spent on birth control, etc. and is now used to fund abortions. It is immoral and it makes no sense.

Reason Three – The United States of America is currently $18.2 trillion in debt3. Just to offer a visual for you, that’s 18,200,000,000,000 dollars. Can you even fathom that amount of money? I can’t. Our debt is a huge problem, and we need any and every available solution put into action in order to combat our debt. That would logically include cutting off programs that are either virtually useless, controversial, or that can be handled by the free market. I’d say that Planned Parenthood can be funded by the free market, and it’s most definitely controversial (to say the least). We simply cannot fund organizations like this if we want to solve our debt problem.

And finally, Reason Four -The unborn are human beings, and Planned Parenthood kills them. Planned Parenthood slaughters them, all while profiting off of those deaths. This is the case even if you remove the selling of fetal organs from the equation. The unborn are in fact human beings, as told by the country’s top scientists. “I have learned from my earliest medical education that human life begins at the time of conception.”- Dr. Alfred Bongioanni (University of Pennsylvania)4. It is quite clear that they are human beings starting from conception. Unique, distinct human beings. After all, they have a special DNA pattern and genome that is separate from the mother (or anyone else) starting at conception. At that point in time, no other information will be added to that person. Genetically speaking, nothing will change.

Everything from their eye color, to their gender, to their blood type is determined, along with anything and everything in between. Why would we ever fund any organization that takes the lives of human beings daily, even when it is painful for both mother and child? What kind of reasoning allows for that, especially at the expense of our tax dollars?

Oh, that’s right- The reasoning is that they give away condoms and sometimes perform pap smears. I guess that’s enough for America to excuse mass slaughter and to continue funding an organization against the will of the majority of Americans when we don’t even have the funds to do so. Even when women have other, arguably better and more ethical, options for healthcare.

America, it’s time to turn around from a culture of death and prefer a culture of life. The first step is to refuse funding to places that stand in the way of that mission, Planned Parenthood included


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