Why I do not want Conservatives to run for President of the United States


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Have you ever seen the movements to draft prominent conservatives like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity to run for president in 2016? I do not participate in those. Here’s why:

In my opinion, these movements portray a certain level of desperation within the Republican Party. Upon reading about these movements, one may be inclined to think to himself, “Really? The Republican Party does not have a senator or a governor that is good enough, so you have to ask Glenn Beck to run?”

We have a crowded field of great candidates, and bringing in even more would simply crowd it further. We, as a party, must be as united as possible. You cannot win without a united base. Splitting between many different candidates isn’t exactly the best way of staying united. This is not because I have anything against people wanting non-politicians to run. I support Ben Carson and he is not exactly the most established politician. To be clear, I have nothing against Glenn Beck either. Supporting many of these non-politicians would be easy. It is simply preferable that these potential candidates ignore the voices of those telling them to run. As I stated, the field is full of great candidates. We need someone with good experience and/or electability. Please do not mistake what I am saying; everyone has the right to run for office. Additionally, a career politician who panders to voters isn’t what I’m recommending either.

Rand Paul has experience and great electability. Chris Christie has good experience… But does he have electability? Well… Ben Carson has good electability. George Pataki, not so much. And when I say electability, I mean the fundamental “presidential” qualities and, at least, a sizable base of support.

While it is a bad sign to outsiders that we run irrelevant or unelectable people, there is a more important reason: We need conservatives outside of the White House.

I like Glenn Beck, but it is not a good idea for him to run for president because we need good conservatives running radio shows and reaching out to the public. I like Sean Hannity, but it is not a good idea for run for president because we need good conservatives on the radio and TV who can reach out to the public in a big way like Mr. Hannity does. I like Bill Whittle (YouTube and blog personality) but I do not want him to run for president. We need good conservatives making YouTube videos and blogging.

The success of a party is not merely putting forth a good candidate for the White House. Winning the Oval Office requires infrastructure containing radio hosts, bloggers, authors, actors, businesspeople, TV hosts, musicians, teachers, and – most visibly – pundits, columnists, activists, and even lower-office-politicians. This is what gets the average voter; this is what wins elections. Not every single name within the Republican Party should be running.

We need people on YouTube like Bill Whittle or Steven Crowder who are making videos and blogging which introduces people into a market (internet based media) that is chalk full of otherwise politically ignorant kids. Bill Whittle and Steven Crowder are spreading our message out to –as it appears to be the case more and more— kids who seem to have only been exposed to liberal viewpoints. YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter are some examples of the go-to websites at the moment. These are the places we need conservatives in.

What about the person that only watches movies and does not know anything about politics? That person may be introduced to the political world through the political activity of someone like Chuck Norris or Clint Eastwood, both of whom are avid and vocal Republicans. (When you have Chuck Norris in your political party, you win.) I do not want Chuck Norris running because that takes him out of a vital place for Republicans: Hollywood.

To put it as bluntly as possible, the younger generation is increasingly ignorant of conservative views. All they see are radically liberal activists on sites like Tumblr, YouTube or Twitter. (The Republican Party has done a particularly bad job in reaching out to the younger generation, but that is a topic for another article). That is why people on YouTube are needed just as much as those on the campaign trail. We need people everywhere, reaching every group of people. Running for office is only a part of the equation.

This does not mean that everyone should stay out of the offices of politics, though. We always need good conservative politicians. Of course we need people in Congress and Governor’s mansions and, yes, even in the White House. But let us leave the White House to Rand Paul and Scott Walker because that is what they do. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity can reach out to voters in their markets because that is what they do. Let Bill Whittle do his thing, which is YouTube. And let Rand Paul do his thing, which is running for office. Rand Paul’s message (which the overwhelming majority of kids believe in) will not get out without Bill Whittle making YouTube videos and Sean Hannity hosting a TV show informing people of his message. (I don’t know about Sean Hannity and Bill Whittle’s sentiments about Senator Paul, but that’s just an example.)

There are even certain senators and congressmen that should not be running. Nothing will get done if we have the best president ever in the White House but no one good in the legislature. We need Republicans in the Senate, House, and Governor’s offices.

When all is said and done, only one person gets to occupy the White House in January of 2017.

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