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Lots of Conservatives today claim that they stand with the Constitution and with the Second Amendment. And blah blah blah…..

I became a conservative awhile back because I saw our national debt continue to rise and rise, as guns were being banned.

At first I disagreed with the subject of gay marriage because I believed that the Bible should be in the government, but I thought about it more and more and realized some of you look at it from a different perspective. For example, if you’re a Jew and really patriotic over America, would it be right for him to ban things that are so called sins in his or her religion? Wouldn’t that be unconstitutional?

The Constitution mentions that we have freedom of religion, and that we can believe in anything we want and shouldn’t have to be worried about following another religious belief forced upon us, am I right?

Do you know why there are 14 states that still have a ban on gay marriage? Because it is what the Christian God said. Not every religion is against homosexuality, although millions are already.

I’m not saying that we have to accept it gay marriage in church, or in any religious place. Tattoos are sinning yet people get them done every day, abortions are wrong yet we do them every day and the majority of the people stand with abortion (IsideWith.Com Results).

Sin is sin, we can’t force our beliefs on others because that ends up as being a sin. They aren’t interfering with us, they are interfering with God and that is their free will to do so. All we can do is try to help them be saved and pray. Banning gay marriage, which is now almost completely impossible, isn’t going to solve anything. More than 11 million gays live in America. If we just say “Hey, you can’t marry the same gender”, what do you think they are going to do?

I hope conservatives can make a movement on this action. We can’t be hypocritical yet then turn our backs and say Obama is hypocritical (which he is).

-Conservative Texas

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  1. It is unfortunate that such well intentioned yet muddled thinking now pervades so called conservatives today. Liberals use the argument that since I derive my beliefs and morals from a higher power they are therefore illegitimate or unconstitutional and are to be removed from the public square. Then they conjure up nice words like “gay” or “woman’s choice” for perverse lifestyles to soften up the public and attempt to make it acceptable. Sadly, it is working.
    All immoral behavior affects all of us. Everything you do affects someone who affects someone who affects someone, etc… so called homosexual marriage is a contradiction of marriage itself and the ramifications are social, economical and spiritual. No society in the history of humankind has practiced it to this degree, making it far from simply a Judeo-Christian opposition as they would have you believe.
    In regards to your notion that religious views are somehow to be removed from your political views, this would effectively remove any of your views, including murder, robbery, abortion, as well as child abuse, or anything else that violates your moral code. What if the majority made killing you legal.
    Our country was built on the assumption that man is not to simply make up laws based upon the majority and their whims of morality. That is the worse kind of democracy which they avoided, which by the way, is another thing our current leaders would like you to believe they wanted. Our country is a republic. It was designed to stop the majority from oppressing the minority. That doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want and falsely claim bigotry or prejudice. It means it is ruled by law, not masses or opinions.
    A basic assumption of the founding fathers was the man is responsible to a higher power and subject to higher laws than what the debauchery of the human intellect could conjure up to justify its base desires.


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